My love (and hate) for Valentine’s Day has undulated over the years, usually in direct relation to my relationship status.

Single – “Valentine’s Day is an over commercialised, used up day invented to torture single women”.

In a relationship – “Oh, Valentine’s Day! What a beautiful tradition giving us just another wonderful excuse to shower our soul mates with love”.

That kind of thing. But now, married, 2 kids, business owner, life is full! Full of birthdates to remember, playdates to organise, kinder duties to schedule in, deadlines to meet, housework to do. It’s just dizzying! So trying to make time for romance is freaking hard! So Valentine’s Day doesn’t really hit me anymore at all, it just sails past like any other day.

Watercolour Valentines Tags2

But being married is awesome, and although it is easy to do when life is so busy, it shouldn’t be taken for granted. So for me, I feel Valentine’s Day should be a gentle reminder (ok, the glaring red roses and love hearts and sales on boxes of chocolates aren’t that subtle, but hey?!) to show my hubby some extra love. Make ‘us-time’ a priority. Do something that will make him feel special and loved.

I tried to design these tags to be as ‘gentle’ as I could. No cheesy love hearts, or sappy poems (although I do love a good poem). Just simple and fun. I hope you love them!

Download the file here.

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