Once upon a time there was a girl who loved paper, fairytales and all things pretty. She was a day dreamer, a ‘head in the clouds’ kind of girl who would make, create, scribble, write, colour and paint all the while dreaming up magical adventures. This girl grew up, met a charming prince, had two precious princesses. And still she dreamed.

This girl loved art and design, so that’s what she did, and soon an event stationery business grew and blossomed. Now Upon A Time encorporates a bricks and mortar shop in the Yarra Valley with a hand picked range of paper goods and giftware, a small line of stationery designed and made in our studio, and of course our wedding stationery services.

Here at Upon A Time we have big dreams, and we believe you should too. Our vision is simple, to design and produce beautiful stationery that evokes wonder, encourages creativity and inspires kindness. Designs that uplift and make the world a little better.

We believe that the things we look at and use everyday have the power to inspire us to do good, to take action, to be better. So we are on a mission to share beautiful stationery that moves you, and then gives you some tools to make a move for the better.

Simply by purchasing any of our products you are helping make the world a little better as we donate 30% of our profits to different charities. Find out more about that here.

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