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Hi, I’m Emily, owner behind Upon A Time. I have big dreams for this little business and as much as I love the variety of work owning a business gives me, the truth is I can’t do everything. So for the first time since opening the doors to the shop in February I am on the lookout for some help.

There’s lots to communicate about the business, myself and what the position will entail, so bare with me. And if you get through it all and would still like to apply then the form at the bottom is the place to do that. 🙂

So firstly let me start with what Upon A Time is, and what we do. Upon A Time is a paperie boutique in Yarra Glen, smack bang in the middle of the beautiful Yarra Valley. We have a beautifully curated range of designer stationery brands and giftware, so think notebooks, greeting cards, gift wrap, journals, diaries, pencils, scissors etc. We run workshops semi regularly in our great little space, for both kids and adults in various modern creative skills like calligraphy, watercolour etc.

I also happen to be a graphic designer and another element of the business is the wedding stationery and graphic design services. In the wedding statuionery area I work with bride’s to design their perfect invitations and arrange the printing, sorting and packing of these which  can be quite a labor intensive process. The graphic design side of things usually involves working with small business to create visual branding and provide the printed or digital media results.

So there’s a lot going on for such a little shop, which is why it’s just not possible for one person to run it all.

More fundational than all of that though is the mission and values that underpin in. My mission is a business that ultimately makes the world a better place, even in a small why, by evoking wonder, inspiring kindness, encouraging creativity and giving generously. I’ve committed to give a minimum of 30% of profits to charity, and I would love to see that percentage increase in the future.

A little bit about me, because you’ll be working alongside me, and I may just annoy the crap out of you. So consider this fair warning. ;p

I am a mum of two precious little girls, 5 and 3 years old. My husband is also a small business owner, so life is pretty crazy. I am a messy, scatterbrained, entreprenurial spirited creative who loves spending time day dreaming and totally forgets (conveniently) about doing the mundane day-to-day tasks like washing the dishes and tidying my desk. I’d say I’m a fairly nice person – if not a tad awkward, and a major case of foot-in-mouth syndrome from time to time – and try pretty hard not to ever be a major bitch.

So in the interest of total transparency, especially since you’ve read this far, I need to tell you I am not rolling in cash. Opening a bricks and mortar store is freaking expensive, and it takes a while to built momentum, so funds are tight. But I also recognise that in order to grow I need help. So to begin with this position will be on a casual basis, and will start out at only about 4-6 hours a week. If the successful applicant is able to help me continue to grow then I would love up those hours as finances allow.

The position will cover a bit of everything, and will be part retail assistant, part personal assistant, part office manager, part social media manager and so on. The duties may include:

  • working the register
  • being friendly and helpful to customers
  • responding to e-mail enquiries
  • packing and posting online orders
  • post office runs
  • posting to our social media account
  • helping with assembling and packing stationery jobs
  • aswering phones
  • assistance with planning upcoming workshops or events
  • restocking shelves
  • general tidying and clean up

The successful applicant would have the following attributes:

  • friendly & bright
  • excellent customer service
  • tech savvy (especially with macs)
  • good understanding of social media
  • attention to detail
  • well aligned to the values of the business
  • positive attitude (ability to find the good in the shitty)
  • shows initiative
  • can step into a situation and find a way to make themselves helpful
  • doesn’t take themselves too seriously

If I haven’t scared you off yet, and you’d still like to work with me then I’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below, and feel free to attach your resume. 🙂

Thanks so much!!!

  • Accepted file types: pdf.
    must be a pdf and be no more than 10mb